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"We started working with Cosmos when we were in the infant stages of our company. He helped build us into a Brand. We hired them for our logo and tagline at first, it blew us away when they designed our E-commerce website and marketing collateral. When you work with Cosmos, you are confident you will succeed in your business venture."
Brian Pasnik
Ex Co-Founder, Elektro, California, USA
"Cosmos is an extremely knowledgeable Digital Marketing Agency. If you need a company that is reliable and professional for your branding, web designing, or anything to do with digital marketing, this is the company to call. I've been working with them for over a decade. Cosmos will forever be the agency I will use for all my digital marketing needs."
Garrett LeTourneau
CEO at Call Influx, Chicago, USA

A Glimpse of Our Web Design/Development Portfolio

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Our Philosophy

Jitendra Sheth, Founder of Cosmos Revisits

Jitendra Sheth, Founder

If only marketing was a science, there would be a formula which everyone would follow and consumers would respond accordingly. If only. Truth is, persuasion is an intuitive skill. Part fact, part style, part conviction. Part, but only part, science. We have to capture the imagination before we can expect an interested and involved response. In fact, of all the resources available to advertisers, the imagination of the consumer is probably the most potent and least used.

At Cosmos, we believe an agency should, through the vision, bravery and downright appropriateness of its work, enable clients to realize the potential inherent in every brand.

Our Accolades

Trophies Won by Cosmos Revisits

Clocked Over 40 Awards

Under the able stewardship of Jitendra Sheth popularly known as Jake, Cosmos has clocked over 40 national & international awards in various categories. Cosmos came out a clear winner at the  Ad Club awards and was adjudged the 4th most creative agency, and carried away a number of trophies.

Cosmos’ spirit to give its clients a marketing solution that was revolutionary yet relevant was recognized  by the various national and international bodies that award creative and marketing excellence. These include A&M, CAG, Abby by the Ad Club, Pioneer, AAAI, besides The Best of the Bests in Asia by the Ad Asia and Finalist award by The New York Festivals.

Our Accomplishments

Creating Brand Equity Since 1978